Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The baby is here!

Joshua Robert is here! 8 lb. 4 oz. Cheri sent me a cell phone picture, and if I can figure out how to post it I will!

Thanks for your prayers!

Suzi for the Cheri & all


Lynne P said...

Congratulations Cheri and Pat on your new grandson! We'll miss you in the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Cheri, Jennie, Erin and I have been praying all morning for all of you. We are rejoicing with you now! Can't wait to see a pic!
Karen P

Jen K said...

HI Cheri
Special love to Jon Kristi and Joshua. What a blessing these little ones are, no matter how much work it was to bring them into the world! GO KRISIT!!!!
Praying about your house and everything going on WOW, you guys are busy!!!!
Jen K

Curly said...

Hooray! Congratulations!

Becky said...

YAY! Well done! Excited to see a picture.

Anonymous said...

Praise be to God and congratulations to the new parents and grandparents!