Friday, April 25, 2008

rational thinking

This comment from DOD (Dear Old Dad) made me think. Especially in light of the latest news.

Hi Cheri,
Kick into your search engine "War Rationing Board" and you will find lots of good stuff about rationing. Because we were farmers we had it better than most. Mom canned 800 quarts of tomatoes and tomato juice when we were at war and lots of it went into two quart jars. Our cellar (A Yankee Term) was lined with shelves full of the above, beans, pickles, peaches and pears, applesauce, venison and other good stuff. We canned venison because it was in ample supply and we didn't directly feed the critters. Good Ole Days?? Only in sentiment. Yahoo! Which meant you were happy, not on line.

Love Dad's sense of humor.

Our cupboards are practically bare. By choice. We have been having fairly boring meals to eat up what we had on hand. Although, last night's meal was pretty good. Refried beans from the freezer, homemade tortillas (trying to use up the flour and oil I have left), we had a smidgen of salsa in a jar and an ounce or two or pepper jack cheese. I combined the pepper jack cheese with another smidgen of cream cheese and we had ourselves a meal.

It has been a fun challenge to see what meals I can come up with from the pantry.

However, I am very aware that what I see as a 'fun challenge' is for many people a stark reality. Empty cupboards and shelves. No food on hand. And no good prospects either.

I'm planning to put in a big garden (like my grandma) when we move. We can afford to restock our pantry also. We are so blessed. None of us should ever take that for granted.

If the above post made no sense, please forgive me. I am doing anything but thinking rationally right now.

My cell phone is my constant companion.

Today is the day. The due date. All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go.....


Anonymous said...

We're all excited about that baby coming. Speaking of children...homeschooling this morning involved an art project of body parts to be hooked together and then arranged in various ways on paper, (sitting, standing, walking) and traced, as a base to draw people in correct proportion. All this involved was buying brads (paper fasteners). Went to Trigs. Don't carry them. Same story at Pamida, Family Dollar, Dollar General, Ace. Went to office supply store. "Nobody uses those anymore," says the lady. Did I fall asleep and wake up 50 years later? This is one teacher that still uses brads. Went home and dug deep in an old drawer. Found exactly 16 old used brads. Needed 15. Hurrah!
Life can go on. I'll bet there's brads in Tennnessee.

cheri said...

If I find brads in Tennessee, I will mail some to you!

Thanks for being such a (like-minded) faithful reader, Linda.