Monday, May 26, 2008

i blame it all on the sweet tea

an as yet unknown plant (any help?)

Pat and I did some exploring this weekend. Different towns, different fishing spots, different churches. We have visited three churches in three weeks. We like them all. Here, there is a church on every corner. We could probably spend a year visiting churches in a thirty mile radius of our home and not go to the same one twice.

It is 1:10 AM and I am blogging. Why? Sweet tea. We stopped for a cuppa after our fishing/exploring trip today (less than ten miles from home). I never seem to be able to remember that I cannot tolerate caffeine after, say, noon. We had our sweet tea at 7:30 PM or so.

I can't sleep and apparently I can't type either. I should just quit. I would go for a walk, but we did that earlier this evening and some neighbors who were sitting on their porch warned us about the skunks. Plural.

Great. Skunks and snakes.

I'll stop complaining now and go to bed. We really are enjoying it here. Beautiful scenery. The mountains are gorgeous. We have been warmly greeted by all our neighbors and the weather has been wonderful.

I think we will stay a while.~~~

Please pray for Daniel as he flies to Birmingham today to begin training for his summer work.

And take some time today to reflect on what this holiday is really about. Thank a veteran.


Anonymous said...

I was up and down all last night myself. Reading your blog always keeps you close to my heart. My prayers and thoughts are with you so often. I've heard if you don't bother the snakes or skunks - they don't bother you??? Love the pictures - Thank you for your words. Love, Katie

cheri said...

Hi Katie, thanks for reading and commenting. You are in my prayers - in the middle of the night as well as the middle of the day.