Friday, May 16, 2008

I spy on my neighbors

Two neighbors in particular. I was rearranging stuff in the dining room when I saw a truck pulling a trailer pull up in front of Mom and Dad's. I watched. A guy went up to their door then came back to the truck. Turned around in the cul-de-sac and headed down our road.

I assumed he was asking for directions. Street signs are hard to come by in this subdivision.

He stopped in front of our house and walked up to the door. Strange, I thought.

"Is that your dad?" he asked pointing at DOD who was now approaching my house.
"Yes," I responded.
"My name is Mike and I've got something for you."

Mike and his helper opened the back of the trailer and pulled out a....

A clavinova is a piano on steroids. It is electronic, has a full keyboard, a touch very much like a piano and has more bells and whistles than Carter has pills. It is an incredible machine and I intend to get to know all the ins and outs as well as I can.

This clavinova now belongs to us. "A little welcome to Tennessee gift," says Dad.

Mom says, "I suppose you'll blog about this."
As though he was reading my mind, Dad said, "Who's gonna have time to blog?"

This is an amazing gift and I am so grateful. The folks will be getting regular concerts and an added benefit is that it has earphones so I can play while Pat is working and not disturb him at all.

Thank you Mom and Dad!
Pat's computer needs some repair work so it is going in to the shop for a few days. Blogs may be sporadic. But don't worry.....I'll keep busy....clavinova-ing!


Cindy R said...

I think I may have to tell my parents I am moving to Alabama!

What a thoughtful gift!

Anonymous said...

Clavinova? Is that a real word? Maybe a brand name? Thought maybe it was an "old word from Cheri's intellectual college past" so I looked in my 30 year old college dictionary (that I keep because it's better than the new ones)'s not in there. Then, I thought it was a new word, so I looked on my computer's dictionary...not there either. Hmmmm, could this be a word a piano teacher should know???? Miss you. Tonight is the party for the two 50-year-old mutual friends of ours, but I'm sure you have been kept up on the details. Hope you are having a good day and enjoying that piano! Linda

momawake said...

Wow! How nice!