Tuesday, May 13, 2008

strawberries in the south

picture of Joshua at 10 days - isn't he the cutest?
Our realtor first told us last week at our closing that he and his wife had just been out strawberry pickin'. 'In May?' thought I, with my decidedly northern mindset. Yes and they had already been picking at this particular place for a week.
So yesterday I went to the strawberry patch (thought of you, Melissa). Picked over a gallon of berries - a good start for now. I hope to get back there next week. I chatted with some of the ladies in nearby rows. "Where are you from?"
'How can they tell?' I wonder. I told them that we never pick strawberries until June up north; sometimes late June.
"Oh, we'll be all done way before that honey," they tell me.
The two ladies went on to discuss their day which included picking poke salet. "You wouldn't know anything about that!", one of them giggled as she pointed at me.
Clearly, I have a lot to learn.
It was a picture perfect day yesterday. Beautiful weather. Pat and I went to a local park last night and followed the walking trail around a little lake. Wild rambling roses and honeysuckle vines perfumed the air. Lots of people were taking advantage of the lovely weather and the very nice park. Geese and ducks, goslings and ducklings made their presence known. In more ways than one.
After our walk, we stopped at A&W for a root beer float.
A nice ending to a very nice day. And no, I'm not done unpacking yet, but a girl has to take a break once in a while.


Anonymous said...

Good morning,

How about a contest to rename your blog? My first thought, "Moos from A Tennesee Cow Pasture".


Anonymous said...

Hi, Cheri:
What a sweet doll baby! He is looking like a young man (baby-size) already! Looks like he has an off-the-charts cuddle factor.

Except for all the work, it sounds like you are on vacation, with the strawberries, the park paths, etc. I hope you will take a large number of these moment-vacations. I didn't do that when we moved (1 yrs. ago, and I still remember how spent I was.

Note to DOD -- keep thinking. . . . :-)


Jon said...


Lora said...

Sorry DOD, I'm so voting for Jon's entry in the contest! :-)

momawake said...

Sounds like you had a very nice day. The strawberries were probably yummy.
I'll give some thought to a new blog name. ;)