Thursday, May 22, 2008

strawberry fields forever

Yesterday's strawberry pickin' was every bit as good as it was two weeks ago. When I stopped in at a nursery up the road 'a piece' , I asked the gals who worked there how to get to the strawberry farm advertised on the highway sign.
They made a face. "Not somewhere I want to go?" I asked.
"Well..."they hesitated. "The owner is not a very nice man."
Instead they steered me to another farm. They also told me of a few other farms that sell fresh produce throughout the summer. "But don't tell these two farmers that you are going to the other one's. They are uncle and nephew, but they haven't spoken to each other for years."
These gals were full of information about unlikeable people.
I hope to visit some of these farms this summer(carefully watching my speech) and buy some produce. Especially since it will be a while before we will get our garden beds up and running this summer.
And especially since our neighbor came over this afternoon and said that she killed THREE COPPERHEAD SNAKES IN HER YARD YESTERDAY.


Anonymous said...

That's it we want you back in
the frozen tundra before one of
those snakes get you.
Love ya,
Katie and Ann

Anonymous said...

They're more scared of you than you are of them. . . . Aren't They???? But just think of all the tight-wad (I mean stewardship) possibilities: purses, belts, shoes, hatbands -- well, you can take it from there.

cheri said...

Katie and Ann, I'll be careful. And Karen, you do bring up some interesting angles on the snake thing....