Wednesday, May 14, 2008

yes, boy


DOD has suggested a blog naming contest. I agree that this blog needs a new name. After all, we are now in the south, not the north and there is not a single tree in our yard. Yet.

So with fear and trepidation, I will soon be announcing a blog naming contest. But there will be rules, people. Otherwise someone will more than likely come up with a name like 'rambling cow pies'. And somebody else will encourage him. You know who you are (see yesterday's comments if you don't know what I'm talking about).


Yesterday was an action packed day. Dad has generously allowed us to use his very cool Kubota lawn tractor. It still lives in his garage, but when our lawn needs mowing, I put on my hat and sunglasses and walk down to their house. Fire up the tractor and put it into jack rabbit gear (seriously, there is a speed control lever which has a picture of a turtle at the low end and a rabbit at the high end) and head for our place.

The first time I mowed here it took less than an hour and a half. Yesterday it took me five hours to finish. The reason for the delay? Friendly neighbors. We met several yesterday and feel very welcome here.

One gentleman punctuated his conversation with us with the phrase 'yes, boy'. It seems to be an affirmation of some sort, kinda like 'yesiree bob', I guess.

The lawn finally got done and we did some more unpacking. Now all that is left to unpack are family photos and boxes labeled 'family history'. Some of the contents of these boxes are from Civil War era. Last night I was going through a box of photos from WWI.

Two of the ladies I met yesterday have both moved here in the past year. They said it took them about a year to feel settled. I wonder if they had 150 years worth of family history lurking in boxes and drawers.

This is going to take some time, but my goal is to get settled in way less than a year.

Yes, boy.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your unpacking. With only your family history boxes to go, however many there are, I think you may not realize how far ahead of the moving in curve you are. If we ever move again (horrors!!), I'll probably hire you to come make it happen -- or read the book you will have written on the subject.

These friendly new neighbors don't realize they are now blog fodder. Ann and co. should come visit and clue them in.

Do you by any chance have some woods anywhere to the north of you that would allow you to keep this name???


Anonymous said...

I was thinking of a possible Official Theme Song for your blog -- The Hills Are Alive. . . with the Sound of Musings. Or it could also be Mooing, but I suppose there'd be a copyright problem with either one.

Personally, I have fond thoughts of the cows -- it was their gentle conversation that welcomed you when you first went to visit (remember that blog?) and their siren song that called you to move to this lovely place.

Anonymous said...

This name change is way to fast.
Mary is ready to go off the deep
end the way it is and now if you
change your blog name - well I cant say what is going to happen. You know she turns 50 this month, lets
not push her!!!!
We miss you and how would I put your new blog on my favorites because you did it the last time and I do not know how.
Give us a month or so to adjust

cheri said...

cute ideas, Karen and thanks for the encouragement!

Ann, don't worry, I'll slow things down here just a bit and you will always be able to find my blog.