Tuesday, June 10, 2008

hysterical markers

evening sky watching

DOD (Dear Ol' Dad) has been known to take a few liberties with the English language. Lori mentioned one yesterday when we saw a road side sign on our way to Bald River Falls. "Look, there's a hysterical marker!"

For those of you who didn't grow up with my dad, that would be an historical marker.

Lori, Richard and I are taking a little road trip today. I'm packing a lunch for us and we will hop in the car and head for this place.

I've been there once before and am looking forward to seeing it again. Once more I will marvel at how simply Americans used to live. I'll scratch my head at how much we have complicated our lives. I will most likely come home re-inspired to change things around here. For the simpler.

We will be reading hysterical markers along the way.

As many as a ten year old boy can stand.

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