Thursday, June 19, 2008

scented sleep deprivation

One of our neighbors sells tractors for a living. Not coincidentally, he also loves to mow. He takes it upon himself to keep the right of ways in the neighborhood mowed down to a manageable level.
He most often begins mowing when we are not home. Not only that, he seems to make sure that we have left our windows open. Pat and I returned home yesterday to see clouds of dust billowing toward our house. We scurried around and shut all the windows.
We opened them when he was done. Shortly after that, the neighbor behind us started to mow. More clouds of dust. More scurrying.
When that was done we opened the windows again. We are 'windows open' people. While we are thankful for our air conditioning when it is 90+, as it has been; we are happiest when the windows are up, a gentle breeze is blowing in and we can hear the birds singing and the cows mooing.
We are slowly adjusting to living in the Eastern Time Zone. The evening news is not on until 11 PM, people! And for those of you who know me well, that is waaaaay past my bedtime. Sometimes we stay up later than we should. The clock read 11:17 when I finally got into bed.
At 1:30 AM I woke up and was unable to get back to sleep (all my middle-aged female readers will understand this). There were plenty of people and situations to pray for, so I did and then I got up to surf the web.
An hour later (still surfing) a familiar odor drifted into our (now open again) windows.
It was so bad it woke Pat up. We scurried around closing windows. Again.
It was hard to get to sleep after that, but we finally managed.
I talked to another neighbor on my walk this morning. Turns out our mowing fiend, I mean friend, moved several plastic un-installed gas pipes while he was mowing and disturbed a family of skunks.
They retaliated at 2:30 AM.
I was thinking that because I had so little sleep last night that I would have a good excuse to be crabby and whiny today.
This morning's devotion is from Proverbs 30 and 31. I read and re-read Chapter 31.
Especially verses 10-12:
"A wife of noble character who can find?
She is worth far more than rubies.
Her husband has full confidence in her
and lacks nothing of value.
She brings him good, not harm,
all the days of her life."
I found no excuse for crabbiness. I guess I can be a character (got that covered), but today I will work on being more noble, despite lack of sleep.
We still have not found a beige folder we lost when we moved in. It contained gift cards. We also have not found our battery charger. So, if my husband 'lacks nothing of value' I think I should re-double my search efforts.
Fueled by crabbiness and stubborn determination, I'm tearing this place apart and finding those things!


Curly said...

One SATURDAY morning about 10 years ago I woke up at 4:00 am to the sound of a lawn mower. My neighbor was mowing in the dark! She had her hair all done up and was wearing a silver lamae mini-dress. Turning the lights on and off didn't get the message across to her. I put my fuzzy slippers on and went out to ask her to wait until daylight. She stopped mowing, but didn't seem to undersatand why it was annoyed. She never mowed in the dark again, at least not while we lived there.

Becky said...

Hey Cheri! The southern culture takes some getting used to. We found the FOX channel has the news at 10:00.

Anonymous said...

Having grown up on Central time, that 11 p.m. news was quite a shock to my system, too. Some of our local network affiliates have the "late news" and also a 10 p.m. broadcast on partnering stations. It's nice to have a choice. This isn't cable; just network flexibility. Also, I've figured out that many nights there's nothing on the news that is worth waiting up for, be it 10 or 11.

Hey, I'd be steamed, too, if somebody moved my pipe. It's horrid coming home and finding home is no longer there. It just stinks!

I will join you in prayer for the location of that elusive folder.

Curly -- what a great story! I'd love to know the reasoning (or lack thereof) for both the timing and the wardrobe.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you need a "skunk song" like my husband taught my kids when we would run across a skunk while driving. (Leave it to Denny to have a "skunk song") Make up your own with a southern twang to it to sing at 2 AM, and you've made yourself a memory Pat will likely not forget. Or I can send you Denny's but it would probably gross you out. Smiles. Linda

Anonymous said...

Are you going to wait until you find that folder until you post again? Just wondering. bb

cheri said...

Sounds like maybe your neighbor had enjoyed a few too many cocktails, Curly! Funny story!

Yes Becky we found Fox News.But it is only 10 minutes long.

Cute Karen! And you are right, sometimes the news isn't worth watching.

Having raised three boys, Linda I doubt if any of Denny's songs would gross me out!

BB, Read today's blog and you'll find out why I was MIA yesterday.