Thursday, June 05, 2008

where does the time go...

Here is a peek into our dining room. I really should have turned the lights on in there before I snapped this shot. It is a bright and cheery room It looks nothing like this right now, because yesterday I dragged 4 rubbermaid type totes in here to sort and search. They are still there, in various stages of torn apart-ness, because I found the scalloped scissors I was looking for and proceeded to make some handmade cards.

I plan to label the contents of the boxes and then put them away, unless I decide to sew a couple of shopping totes first.

I'm already behind schedule, as I was on the last leg of my walk this morning I noticed a white truck in front of our house. At 7 AM. I hurried over here and discovered that it was the gas man. I would imagine if I were a gas man I wouldn't really like to be called that.

Anyway, he was here to mark the gas line so that when we are planting we don't accidentally hit it. Then I went over to Mom and Dad's to see them and I found out that they are going to L.C. today to get rocks. I want to go to L.C. to get rocks. Not only that, but there is a potluck at the firehouse tonight. We might not go, but the one I went to last year was really cool. GREAT FOOD. And a short meeting followed by an hour of music by a local bluegrass band.

Then I got home and cut Pat's hair. Now I am blogging and in a few minutes the landscape guys will be here. And I haven't even showered yet.

See how a day gets away from me? First I needed to find a pair of scissors....

These quilts are pretty old and in pretty bad shape. But you can't tell if you fold the bad parts in and roll them up just right and put them in an old basket.


Anonymous said...

Clever way to disguise a vision test in your blog. While you are looking for scissors, I'm searching for a magnifying glass!


Anonymous said...

Re: the snake comment yesterday. Reminded me of one of my all-time favorite children's books: When I Was Young in the Mountains by Cynthia Rylant. Look it up if you have the chance.

Nancy N.

Anonymous said...

I love the old quilts -- and the fact that they were loved and used, sort of like the Velveteen Rabbit.

Note to Becky (thanks Cheri, for letting me comment through your blog): Thanks so much for your "wives" post. What a hoot! I'm so blessed to have a pastor husband who respects our family and marriage, and whom that song is So Not about.

Cindy R said...

I have been trying to comment but have had some techno difficulties, I hope you don't get this twice...anyway...We are in the soccer mode, traveling thruout while wrapped in blankets.

What a photo of Mother & Child!

We miss ya'll!

cheri said...

Sorry Melissa, sometimes when I change font size, blogger won't cooperate and let me go back to the normal setting.

Nancy, I will look that up - as soon as I can figure out where the library is around here!

Karen, soft old quilts are wonderful and I'll make sure Becky sees your comment.

Cindy, I can't imagine being wrapped in blankets in this heat!! I love that picture of Kristi and Joshua too!