Sunday, July 06, 2008

fun with Emilee

I was always about two steps behind her. My three year old niece Emilee, that is. She was our guest from Tuesday night until Saturday.

We were very busy.

We colored. We watered the garden. We sang and played 'nano. We walked down to 'Framma and Frammpa's' house. We did not take naps. We went to story hour. We proudly announced to anyone who would listen, "That's my Framma!" (Mom was the storyteller at the library last Thursday.) We read stories.
We watered some more. We followed Uncle Pat around the yard as he identified butterflies, bees and flowers. We asked a million questions. Most of them were, "Why?" And yes, many times I resorted to the age-old answer, "Because I said so."

We played with KimmeeSue (Mom and Dad's doggie) and knew whether she had her golf ball or our own. "Oh, man!" we would exclaim when KimmeeSue had the nerve to fetch the wrong golf ball. We sorted buttons and played with dolls and stickers and watered some more. Not satisfied to simply water, we actually got into the bucket and made sure we were good and wet. And then we wanted to be carried home.

We saw 'patapillars' (caterpillars) and sometimes called Uncle Pat 'MisterRogers'. We requested the song, 'Puff the meanest dragon' and thankfully Aunt Cheri was able to find it in an old fake book (fake books contain melody lines and chords only) of Pat's dads from containing songs from the '50's, 60's and 70's. We sang along with Aunt Cheri in a heartbreakingly sweet voice.

We loved playing 'nano and discovered where the volume is. And liked it to be loud. Not only that, we discovered that the 'nano has a 'frum' feature (drums). We knew where the drum roll and rim shot notes were after only one try and repeatedly played these with magnificient timing (I believe they are the F and G below middle C but I am not sure. Emilee could tell you for certain).

This little girl has great comedic timing and a great singing voice. She could match notes when I asked her to sing the note I was playing or singing.

Did you know that Aunt Cheri's eyes are 'glue' and that her hair is white? And that Emilee did not misbehave at all while here, but if perchance something did go wrong 'Efan' (Ethan her 11 year old brother who was 500 miles away at the time) did it.

We did not take naps. At least not until Emilee went home.

Then Uncle Pat and Aunt Cheri both took nice long naps.


Suzi said...

So fun! Maybe we'll all be together at Cornerstone next year--or maybe at Christmas 2008?
We had fun with Emilee's dad and brothers. Turns out Emilee's dad makes some great mac and cheese, spaghetti (though not known for his sauce..) and even pancakes and bacon.

Curly said...

Sounds like you had a fun, busy, and loooong time with Emilee. So sorry about the naps. I love my naps too.

Anonymous said...

It is such a wonderful gift to have a special auntie -- and a niece or nephew. I have such good memories of times spent with such aunts; there's one I still connect with when I can across the miles. Sounds like you had a very fun month together last week. :-)

I hope you will have many other opportunities to connect and swap wonders and wisdom over the years -- after a good long nap from this time, of course!

cheri said...

It was fun. And busy.
Thanks for commenting girls!