Tuesday, July 08, 2008

how is it that...

...an astonishing number of years have flown past since I gave birth to my second son? Twenty-six years to be exact.

Up until the time Jon was born, I was working full time as a teacher. It tore me up each day to leave Nathan, our first born, with a sitter (although she was a great friend who loved him as her own) and the thought of leaving two of my babies ...was twice as difficult.

Pat and I were increasingly convinced that the right thing for us to do was to become a one-income family. We crunched the numbers.

It didn't look good.

We figured we could make it without my salary, but the scary part was living without my teacher's health insurance package. Medical and dental. The logical thing to do would be for me to keep working. We knew this even though we could not see into the future and know how many times this second born son of ours would need to be hauled to the emergency room ( a lot).

But we could not shake the conviction that I was to stay at home with the boys. We took the leap of faith; I quit my job and have never looked back. I realize that not everyone can or even wants to do this, but it was the right thing to do - for us.

For the past twenty-six years and more, God has provided for our every need. We have truly lacked nothing. It was not always easy, but it was always worth it. We have not had extravagant abundance, we have had to pinch pennies, but we have always had enough. And that is - enough.

Now Jon is a daddy, with a son of his own. There is a strong temptation for this grandma to worry. After all, gas and milk both hover around $4.oo a gallon. Food prices are escalating. And not only food prices. Everything is more expensive now than it was just a few months ago. How will a young couple with a baby make ends meet on a youth pastor's salary?

However, I am reminded over and over again of God's faithfulness and His lovingkindness. He has cared for us all these years, He will certainly care for Jon and Kristi and Joshua.

So, Jon, happy birthday. We love you and are confident in God's ability to meet your every need.

May you continue to trust Him wholeheartedly and seek His guidance for every step you take.

fuzzy cell phone photo of Jon and newborn Joshua


momawake said...

My "mantra" the last couple days fits with your post. God is in control and God is good.

cheri said...

He certainly is, momawake. Praying God's blessings for you!