Wednesday, July 09, 2008

porch perch

Mom and I spent a pleasant few hours together yesterday. It was time for my follow-up visit to the Doctor (all is well, my 'numbers' are lookin' good). Of course, we could not make a trip to the big city without stopping for lunch at Miss Olivia's, a lovely tearoom type place to eat.

We did a little shopping and then returned home - the 90+ degree weather made gallivanting about a little tiring.

We plan to have a regular girl's day out. Hopefully they won't necessarily include trips to the Doctor.

Pat had something interesting to show me upon my return. He had taken a little break from work and as is his custom, he opened the door to wander around the yard, checking on garden things.

There was a big sticky spider web on the front porch. He knocked it down and looked carefully to see what kind of spider he had encountered.

It was this:

Know what this is? It is a black widow spider. Thankfully, for us anyway, a dead black widow spider (it had been promptly executed by Patrick).


We are now being extra vigilant about our surroundings. We never leave our shoes outside (something I often did up north). I garden with gloves on (something I never did up north) and we are making sure that the doors are always pulled tightly shut.

You can't be too careful.

Skunks and snakes and spiders. Oh, my.

Martha Washington geranium -

a gift from Daniel two or three years ago on Mother's Day


Becky said...

Your picture of the spider reminds me of the house we moved into about 15 years ago down here. It came with a nest of black widow spiders in our garage. I feel your pain.

I am excited that your grandbaby is coming to visit. Are they sending him by plane or train? Or are mama and daddy coming too?


I still remember when we started having kids and my parents went from "When are you coming to visit?" to "When are you bringing my grandson to visit?"

Oh ... that is going to be fun. And your folks get to see, I suspect, their first GREAT grandbaby? You are going to have to do some partying. Start cooking.

Curly said...

How strange that the black widow was on your front porch. I thought they liked to hide in dark, close places.

A few years ago I visited my grandmother in the mountains of New Mexico. I couldn't believe that they would just walk around in knee-high grass without worry of poisonous snakes. Trying to avoid dangerous critters was a normal thing for us down here.

rwells said...

I wonder if that spider was envious of your "web" site and just trying to get a closer look. Oh well - Thanks again for watching Emilee - You are the best!


Anonymous said...

Miss Olivia's tearoom sounds like a wonderful place. You'll have to post a picture of you having tea there, rather than anymore ugly spiders. Ick! I'll pray for a good hard freeze to kill them off! It was wonderful to see Kristi and Joshua for a bit up north. Linda