Saturday, August 02, 2008

now how did this happen?

Our baby turns 20 on August 3. Since I don't blog on Sundays, we will wish him "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" in advance.

It has been quite an adventure with this one.
*Because of an abrupted placenta we could have lost him before he was even born.
*At six weeks he had a very high fever and was apparently in a lot of pain. The doctor suspected spinal meningitis. All tests came back negative and thanks be to God, in five days he was fine. We believe God healed him.
*When he was five years old, we had to rush him to the hospital again. This time the doctor thought he had leukemia. After five days (again), he was fine. In fact he was better than fine. At the tender age of five, he dedicated his life to Christ. The whole hospital thing was very frightening and he and I had lots of time to talk about fear and faith.

Over the ensuing years there have been more than a few visits to the emergency room. Broken clavicle, broken arm, sprained ankles, etc.

Oh yeah, then there are the three concussions in the last two years.

Those of you who know Daniel, know what a fun loving, warm, funny, energetic person he is. It is a privilege to be his mommy and to stand by and watch with amazement how God works in his life.

I think this is the first time we won't be together on his birthday. Sigh.

Daniel, we wish you a happy and fun birthday. We love you!

Now, try to stay out of the emergency room. 'Kay?


swansmith said...

Happy birthday Daniel!
Love,Aunt Suzi

momawake said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Not my favorite picture ever, but you never took to many pictures of me so as not to make Nate or Jon jealous.

Thanks for being my Mom, Mommy, Ma, mother and "hey you" (which was never to smart to say).

Your Rock Mom!

Jenilyn said...

I've had the privilege of being Dan's Area Director at YouthWorks this summer. Thanks for sharing this glimpse into his younger years! He is a gift and a blessing indeed - thank you all for sharing him with us! ~ Jenilyn Swett

Anonymous said...

See Mom, people do like me!

Anonymous said...

How do we know you didn't type that in there and put her name on it? Just kidding, Dan! Have a great day! Love ~ Candy

Curly said...

I remember a Northwoods post with a pic of a bunch of guys jumping off the roof into snow. Would this dare-devil hapen to be one of them?

Happy Birthday!

cheri said...

Thanks to all for your birthday wishes to Daniel. Yes, CM that was Daniel and co. diving off our roof in WI.

Jenilyn, you have a lovely blog. I hope to get some time to read more of it in the near future.

Candy, you have had a big part in helping Daniel be the person he is. Thanks for your impact on his life.

And yes, Daniel, people like you. They can't help themselves.