Saturday, October 17, 2009

fall has come

Fall has come to southeast Tennessee. Pat switched on the gas fireplace last night for the first time this season. Instant cheer and warmth. So different from our old dusty woodstove.

The wind is blustery, the skies dark and moody. Off and on it rains. Mostly on. The leaves are changing color, some are dropping. The changes here are more subtle than in the Northwoods. Mostly because there are fewer trees where we are.

Put on long jeans for the first time yesterday - I might have to pack my capris away.

I finished reading The Bible Jesus Read by Philip Yancey yesterday. I so appreciate his perspective. Already, I need to read it again. Do you do that? Read books more than once? I do, I have many books that are like old friends. We visit again - tell the same stories but they mean more each time.

And speaking of old friends. Not old, but long-time friends Ann and Randy are arriving in Southeast Tennessee tomorrow. They are coming down and spending a week with three other couples - high school friends of theirs. Thankfully they will carve out a little time for us.

If I go missing next week for a day or two it is because I am out making more memories with dear friends.


Becky said...

More company! Just your kind of week. I hope you have a wonderful time.

We turned our air conditioner off last night and opened the windows. It is beautiful today and is supposed to be nice all week. Yay for low electric bills!

cheri said...

Thanks Becky. Hooray for company and hooray for open windows and low electric bills!