Tuesday, October 27, 2009


fu·ri·ous (fyr-s)
1. Full of or characterized by extreme anger; raging.
2. Suggestive of extreme anger in action or appearance; fierce. See Synonyms at angry.
3. Full of activity; energetic or rapid

I am on a mission. As described in definition #3. Not mad or raging (I don't do raging - way too phlegmatic for that).

I have a couple of cross stitch projects that I told Mom I would finish. These things take a lot longer than one (me) would think. For the past few days I have been furiously (full of activity;energetic or rapid) stitching on a cross stitch begun by my maternal grandmother decades ago. Mom stitched on it some too and now I am on track to finish this puppy this week. A three generation deal.

Then on to a (huge!!) Christmas table runner. Which I want to finish by....Christmas. Which is now less than two months away. More furious stitching.

I also seem to have signed myself up for a second Bible study. As if the first didn't have enough homework. I'm not complaining...I love to study the Word and it is good for me. But a lot of stitching and a lot of studying make for a lot of sitting.

So, off to Bible study here in a bit. Then this afternoon Mom has a Doctor appointment and if we have to wait for an hour and a half like we did yesterday for Dad's appointment (waiting and furiously stitching), I will have stitchery #1 finished!


Becky said...

Three generations ... what an heirloom! And now ... it's vintage :)

cheri said...

Yep! And almost done!