Saturday, October 31, 2009

October 31

While most of the country is celebrating Halloween (and we are ready - last year we had two kids show up- I think two bags of candy will suffice and if there are leftovers...oh, well), if you are not into that there are other reasons for celebrating today.

You could celebrate this.

You could wish my cousin a happy birthday.

Or my lil sis Lori.

Happy Birthday Lori!! And George! See both of you in November!

picture of somebody's son as Jane the blonde


Candy said...

Walker's birthday today, too!

Anonymous said...

Now that would make any parent's proud as I am sure you are. Love that boy :)

Becky said...

Well happy birthday to all those important folks in your life. And I agree with Ann ... I'll bet you are so proud. About as proud as I am that my 19 year old son is dressing as Miley Cyrus to his girlfriend and her 2 sisters' Jonas Brothers.

cheri said...

Hope Walk had a great day, Candy!

Ann and Becky, he just keeps making us smile. Can't wait to see pics Becky!