Monday, October 26, 2009


Pat and I had a little discussion yesterday during one of the football games. We were wondering if the commentator 'commentates' on the game or 'comments' on the game. I prefer comments.

Similarly, I prefer to say that one attends an orientation to orient yourself to new surroundings, not to orientate yourself.

What does all this have to do with today's title?

One who sews might be called a seamstress or a sewer (sew-er). But sewer looks bad in print because it connotes (not connotates) an unpleasant image. Not a lady sitting by the fire with needle and thread, but underground filth and rats and stench. Some bloggers have taken to calling ladies that sew 'sewists'. That sounds and looks (and smells!) better than sewers.

Last Friday I went to a new quilt shop. It opened two weeks ago 15 miles from my house and is owned by a lady in my Bible study. It was delightful. So many wonderful projects, designs and fabrics! I think I will be spending a lot of time here (and money...shhh ).

Her website is still in its beginning stages, but she told me about Moda's website. Fellow sewists (see, this is where I was going with the sewer/sewist thing) will definitely want to check this out. There are free patterns. FREE!

And lots of cute tutes (tutorials) in the Moda Bake Shop.

So, fellow sewers, go orientate yourselves around that website and come back here and commentate on your favorite freebie!


Anonymous said...

As the official English major of the Wells family, I concurate with your assessmentation.

Lil sisterate

Becky said...

Hey thanks for that. I have heard about Moda fabric but never visited their site.

And the sewist thing was new to me a few years ago. In the "olden days" we always called ourselves seamstresses but that seems to be more limited to the picture in the '60s of creating house dresses with puffy sleeves.

I never make clothes and I sew all the time. So I like sewist better (think chemist, machinist, dentist, etc).

Have a great week!!

Becky said...

PS Your sister has your sense of humor. Or you have hers. Hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Becky. I think?

Lil sister Lori

momawake said...

Too bad we can't just stick with seamstress.

I love Moda Bakeshop. I've got lots of tutorials either saved or printed just waiting to be made...I probably won't live that long and if I do I'll forget I've got them.

cheri said...

Thank you little sisterate. And you are right, Becky she is hilarious (gets that from me...). I just wish she would commentate here more oftener. have to live long enough to use up your stash and all the Moda freebies! Good incentive!

momawake said...

My local quilt shop closed yesterday, got the email today, so I wasn't able to say goodbye. I'm sad. Fabric Obsession was its name, so now my obsession is gone. ??? We'll see. I'll probably just have to drive farther to another one.