Monday, October 19, 2009

span of years

beautiful golden mums from Aunt Barbara and Uncle Bob - thank you!

If you can believe this kind of thing, it looks as if I will live long enough to be a problem to my children (as though I haven't already):
Check your score here.

Mine? 100.

Providing I don't get hit by a bus or ride away in an experimental hot air balloon.

Of course, I don't put much stock in this, but it was a interesting way to spend 10 minutes.

It made me think of this verse, penned by Moses, inspired by the Holy Spirit:

"The length of our days is seventy years-
or eighty, if we have the strength;
yet their span is but trouble and sorrow,
for they quickly pass, and we fly away."
Psalm 90:10

Perhaps not the most comforting verse in the Bible - but a clear-eyed view of life. In the world you will have tribulation. Moses would know. He led the complaining, grumbling, ungrateful Israelites in the desert for 40 years (and lived to be 120 by the way!).

Take the test (if you dare ~smile~) and report back in the comment section. It would be interesting to see how many of you are going to stick it out with me! :)

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."
Abraham Lincoln


Anonymous said...

OK, I scored 105, so looks like I may be going the distance [Lord willing]. Can you step it up a little bit?? :)

Candy said...

I better change a few things, I will only be around until I'm 86. I probably need to change my leisure activities. Most of my hobbies included sitting: reading, crocheting, quilting. I guess I am standing when I am baking or cooking more to eat!!!

Becky said...

Hey, I'll be 104. Perhaps I should move next door so we can walk and garden together :)

momawake said...

I'm going to make it to 90. We'll see what God has in store. :)

Anonymous said...

91 way !
Sorry but it ain't right. They forgot to say..."take your score and deduct 11. That might be right.

cheri said...

Wow, Kathee, I'll try!

Candy, can you walk while you read? :)

Becky - that sounds great to me!

I don't think I would really want to go much beyond 90 momawake. But it will be interesting to see what God has planned.

Anon. - don't you wonder how they develop these questionaires? Or is it questionerrors?

Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong....I hope I am the one who's wrong here. Hahaha
I only have 36 years left per the survey. Got lots to do. Better get moving.