Thursday, October 15, 2009

we r family

Company. Family. Two words that for me evoke fun, anticipation, love, joy...

On Sunday Roger ( my brother) and Emilee ( my niece) stopped by for a few hours. Always enjoy spending time with them. Roger is so funny and such a nice guy. Emilee is a doll.

On Monday my aunt and uncle came. Here is a picture of Mom with her baby brother and Dad and Aunt Barbara:

How well I remember the day when Aunt Barbara and Uncle Bob got married. I was so taken with Aunt Barbara. In fact, I got in the reception line more than once to give her a big hug! I was in mid-late elementary school. She had just graduated with her teaching degree in elementary ed.

Since my aunt and uncle are only 12 years older than I am, our relationship has evolved into a friendship. I really enjoy their company. Uncle Bob, a retired teacher of history and English, confirmed that yes, indeed we are descended from a pirate. Of course, he reminded me, that John Hawkins (rrrrgh) would only have been considered a pirate by the Spanish. According to the English, he was a privateer. Yo, ho, ho.

If Aunt Barbara and I lived closer together I am sure we would do all kinds of 'girl' things together: shopping, crafting, gardening and occasional stops for tea. The older I get, the smaller the twelve year age difference is.

I reflected on my relationship with Emilee and was shocked to realize that I am 50 years older than she is!

I need to get busy having tea parties and doing crafts with her. Especially if I want her to remember me for being more than just her old aunt with weird moles and a fuzzy upper lip!


Becky said...

My goodness but Emilie is growing up so fast. I'm so glad you had fun with your family.

Anonymous said... coats in the pictures, and your flowers haven't frozen. My thermometer says 22 degrees, but I think it is actually 32 degrees or so...snow flurries here and there. Snow shovels are out and ready! Linda

cheri said...

I know Becky, she is getting so tall and long-legged on us!

Linda, you really need to come visit us!