Friday, November 13, 2009

gathered together

After a happily uneventful flight, I had a fun day hanging out with my sister Suzi. Lunch on campus, meeting her colleagues, and attending an HR seminar on elder care (I think she is trying to tell me something).

Once home we set about baby-proofing the house. Nice quick dinner out - a small restaurant providing music by a Native American flute artist who just signed a recording contract with a business 30 miles from my TN home (it's a small world after all).

Then Jon, Kristi and JOSHUA arrived. So great to see them. He is such a doll - a happy little boy and a bundle of energy. Grandma knows how she will be spending Josh's nap time this week (snore...).

Today's agenda: take Jon and Kristi to the airport, then Joshy and I will head to Crown where we get to hear Daniel play bass on his worship team during chapel. Sitting in chapel in the gym on bleachers with an 18 month old should be ...interesting. Lunch with Daniel, then back to Suzi's.

It has been fun already. Look forward to cute grandson stories as the week goes on.


Becky said...

Can't wait to hear them. We want pictures too :)

Candy said...

Say hi to Dan the Man for us! Have fun with that adorable little grandson this week. I agree with Becky; we want stories and pictures.