Monday, November 02, 2009

gitter done

Well, hello November! How did you get here so fast?

On Saturday, while waiting for the trick or treaters that never showed (lots of churches offer trunk and treats - I think that is where all the kids went)- not a one (don't worry, Pat and I will valiantly work our way through the Hershey snack bars), I finished a Christmas gift and also this:

This stamped cross stitch was begun by my grandmother. Mom stitched on it too, I believe. They did all the lettering and the houses and I did the rest. Stamped cross stitch, while not particularly difficult, is time consuming. A very pleasant way to spend time though. Especially while someone else is (vocally) watching tv. Specifically football type tv. ~Smile~

Pat did a search on the verse in the cross stitch and found that perhaps it is an inscription on a Russian tombstone in Alaska. Maybe. We are not sure exactly. I wish I knew why Grandma chose this. Lots of thoughts of Grandma as I worked on this. I miss her.

Now on to other tasks. Christmas is coming you know. I clicked over to Sew Mama Sew and was inspired there and really loved this idea. Which has nothing at all to do with sewing but is so cute!

Then I went to Becky's blog and saw that she had been to SMS also. Plus she provided this link. Thank you Becky! I am going to make one of these (maybe even today). We have a weird/cool sink and a half in the kitchen. No possibility for a conventional rack for draining dishes. I think one of these will fit the bill.

What projects are you working on? Time to stop surfing and start sewing!


Becky said...

What a treasure that cross stitch is. Three generations! Wow!

And I am so pumped for the SMS season. I have made many of their previous things from 2 years past.


cheri said...

Thanks Becky! Happy sewing to you!