Wednesday, November 11, 2009

in a family way

It was so good to spend time with family. So good. Why don't we do this more often? My brother Roger, sister-in-law Cheryl and nephews Derek and Ethan and niece Emilee came down for the day:

Derek and Ethan were very gracious in taking a day off of school 'for the good of the family'.
Dad and his sisters. Though not smiling here, trust me, laughter did abound.
My cousins George and Darlene (gotcha Darlene!).
Mom and Emilee 'on stage', singing Jesus Loves the Little Children

More family time tomorrow as I hop on a plane and head for Minneapolis (please, Mr. Pilot and Co-Pilot- stop at Minneapolis).

No blog tomorrow but, drum roll please:

Joshua, seen on drums above, wanted me to let you know that he is going to be a big brother.


Lady Farmer said...

Congratulations, Grammy!

Anonymous said...

So excited for you! More gramma love to pass around. Linda

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to parents, brother and grandparents alike.