Tuesday, November 10, 2009

mountain top experience

I love being with family. They 'get' me. And I 'get' them. The shared experiences, jokes, tales, and memories. The sense of humor we have in common (some may argue that it is humor though....). Even the medical and dental and hearing loss problems we have in common bind us together. In love and snickering and guffawing. And perhaps a wee little bit of sarcasm. We can't help it.

view from the top of Clingman's Dome
Loie preparing to climb the Appalachian Trail (snicker)

Mom and AR having a talk in the parking lot

We did a little shopping, a little eating and drove up to the top of Clingman's Dome to survey the beauty beyond. The lead car contained the grownups - average age: 79.25. The 'children's car followed - average age: 57.25 years.

Today the aunts and cousins head over here and Roger, Cheryl, Derek, Ethan and Emilee will join the fun as well.

Expect more snickering, guffawing, hugs and laughter. And maybe some singing. Countin' on you Emilee!
Joshua's fever was short-lived. Thank you for praying and asking!


Anonymous said...

Van died today. Instead of rest in peace, it's resting in rust. Good reason for you to move back here.....to pass your vans down to us! It is our only car, so pray we can find something local this week. Glad you are having fun with your family! Linda

cheri said...

My sympathy Linda. It gave us both its best!