Monday, November 30, 2009

November's end

What a wonderful month November has been! So much for which to give thanks. Two sets of company - much family celebration. Two birthdays - Suzi's and Derek's. My trip to Minnesota and my time with family there.

This week's schedule returns to 'normal'. Sometime this week I hope to decorate the house for Christmas (Lori, Mike, Richard and I helped Mom and Dad get their tree decorated on Saturday).

We are anticipating a lot of company prior to Christmas so I think I will do some baking ahead for that.

I need to memorize a song that our ladies' group will be singing on Sunday. Okay, it is a Silent Night medley and not that hard, but I need to memorize the low alto part. And not get confused and steal notes from the middle part.

One Bible study finishes tomorrow with a luncheon after. The other finishes next week with a luncheon and an ornament exchange. I have placed three criteria on the ornament I want to exchange:
2)Use materials I already have
3) Be Christ centered

I'll let you know what I come up with!


Becky said...

Yes, please do share with us. I put up 2/3rds :) of our tree yesterday and used all homemade ornaments from the years gone by. I did no have to open up more than three shoes boxes of ornaments and it looks great.

So many memories in those ornaments.

Enjoy the preparation. I love this time of year to reflect and anticipate.

Becky said...

And thanks for your prayers. I had a mini-meltdown last night (stinkin' Hallmark movies set me off every time :)

Three more weeks and the Butler comes home :)

Anonymous said...

I watched that Hallmark your friend Becky watched too..a real tear-jerker on tv late last night. I got the house all decorated with Ike's help. After seeing that wonderful fall picture on your blog today that I am assuming you took, I thought you would like to know we are covered with SNOW! Love you, Linda

cheri said...

You'll make it Becky!

Snow, Linda! I do kinda miss that.

I'm glad you had Ike to help you decorate. Savor those moments!