Saturday, November 14, 2009

perpetual motion

Being silly with great-aunt Suzi
What in the world are you talking about? I do not want to go 'night-night'.

No time for stories - somebody just woke up. Rest assured - we are havin' us some fun! And my good friend Joyce is going to come see us today!


Candy said...

What a cutie, Cheri! I bet you slept well last night after 376 trips up and down the stairs!

Your Tim(e) Has Come said...

How did we ever do it with toddlers and all? Glad you had time to post the pics.

Anonymous said...

Say "Hi" to Joyce for me. What a cute little boy. Can't wait to see a little girl "Jon"
Love ya,

Becky said...

Yay for pictures! He is getting way too big way too fast :)

Anonymous said...

Awww! I miss my baby! Give him a big hug and kiss for me!!!