Thursday, November 05, 2009


A week from today I fly to Minnesota to take care of this little cutie who apparently is afraid he will lose his place:

Since I am a tightwad, I will not be checking any luggage. It costs $15 for one bag - each way. That is $30 people! And that can be much better spent on fabric or chocolate, I mean... groceries. Yeah.

So I did a trial run yesterday - packing my carry-on with everything I would need for a week. Hmmm. That's not gonna work. Tried again. And again. I think I've got it now. When you pack for Minnesota in late fall - you need to take some substantial clothing. No tank tops and shorts. Thankfully Suzi is about the same size as I am.

Trying to limit my baggage reminded me of a blog I read a few years ago. This gal and I are worlds apart life-style-wise, but I thought her concept of wearing the same dress everyday for a year was interesting.

As a society we have way too much stuff. And I'm as guilty as anyone. So instead of packing for every possible eventuality - I'm keepin' it simple. Joshy won't care.

How 'bout you? How do you pack for a trip? Take everything but the kitchen sink - or keep it simple?
We watched a special honoring Bill Cosby on PBS last night. What a funny man. They replayed some of his old comedy bits and it was a hoot to see Jack Benny fall off his chair laughing as Cosby ramped it up on the Dick Cavett show. Well.

I was hoping they would play his bit in which he is convinced his mother is trying to kill him by feeding him Cream of Wheat with lumps in it. Funny, funny stuff. What is your favorite Cosby routine?


Lady Farmer said...

The first time I heard Bill Cosby was on a 'record' album (remember those?) with 'How long can you tread water' routine.(Noah) I still think it is histerical!
We had a German exchange student when one of my daughters was in high school. They wear one 'outfit' for the entire week to school.(They do change when they are at home).
I try not to take too much when I travel ~ I am too cheap, I mean, thrifty, and don't want to pay for the check baggage, either. I figure I don't know those people and they will never see me again anyway, so what does it matter as long as I am clean and have fresh underclothes! ;~} Room for shoes is still a problem, though!

momawake said...

If I'm going to Hawaii, I take as little as possible. If I'm driving to Omaha, I take as much as I think I'll need. If I'm going to my in-laws I take a lot of my own food (she doesn't exactly get my low-carb-for-candida-healing diet.). Mostly, I just like to stay at home. :) Oh, and I keep a travel list saved on the computer.

Anonymous said...

Bill Cosby had a line my father used to use all the time. Bill Cosby was speaking to his kids misbehaving. He said "Kids...I brought you into this world and I can take you out of it just as well". It always made me a tad nervous.

cheri said...

Yes, shoes are a problem. I don't think I will have room for my walking shoes. But walking with Joshy will probably slow me down anyway!

Yes momawake, when I travel by car, I try to be prepared for anything!

Anon. I have heard that line many times (thankfully not from my folks!), but didn't realize it came from a Cosby skit.