Monday, November 16, 2009

reflections of a grandma

Who am I kidding? There is precious little time to reflect. We've been running and chasing and visiting and picking up and putting away and pointing our finger at the dog when he barks and telling him no...
But in the quieter moments, I look at this sweet little face and see signs of his daddy and mommy and both his uncles. I breathe a quick prayer of thanks to have this reminders of years past and a prayer of petition that I will also see the imprint of God on Josh's life in the years to come.

feeding time...I mean lunch

I had a great visit with my friend Joyce yesterday - thank you so much for coming all the way over here Joyce! The years melt away when we are together. Once we were young marrieds, then young mothers together, now we enter a new phase of mother-in-lawing. We are both blessed with such dear daughters-in-law. So thankful for your friendship, Joyce!
little music man - he sings too!
Looks like a little Simon and Garfunkel is on the playlist.
his profile is so like his daddy's

Josh is perpetually in motion. Not a cuddler, unless he is tired. He is on the move and with 376 trips up and down Suzi's steps every day, this grandma needed to sit down for a few minutes. So I googled baby games online.

Yes, I did. You would have too. So we found this.

So cute. It held his interest for about five minutes which gave Grandma a few minutes to rest and hold this precious guy on my lap. Then back to stair-climbing. But before we finished with the computer, he had somehow managed to change all of Suzi's images to negatives. Desktop, facebook, blogs, websites, everything. I spent several minutes trying to fix this to no avail. Then Suzi tried for several minutes and finally discovered the solution which involved holding down three separate keys and pressing the number 8. Or something like that.

Sunday morning after trying to start Jon and Kristi's car and failing and nearly burning up Suzi and Tim's jumper cables, they graciously lent me their car. Josh and I met Daniel for church (40 minutes away). We listened to the first half of the service. Then 'we' felt a need to run in the foyer and investigate the children's ministries. So we did.

Lunch with Daniel, then we met up with my Northwoods friend Mary and her family. They were on campus for a volleyball banquet. Our time was all too brief and I can't believe I FORGOT TO TAKE A PICTURE.

No big plans for tomorrow, except trying to make sure that Jon and Kristi's car, which is now fully charged - thank you, Tim! - is in good operating condition for their trip to Iowa later this week.
waking up is hard to do

All the pictures are from my cell phone- please forgive the blurry quality.


Becky said...

I just love this party you are having. I know you are loving every minute of it ... and sleeping well :)

Anonymous said...

Cheri, that is such a cute game. I was talking to Laura and told her about it so she went on it with Amia.
Wish I could see you. I was not able to get on line today because of a problem Verizon had. I talked to a man for about 45 minutes and got nowhere. Called back and got a woman and she explained it was their problem and got me back on in 5 minutes. Next time I ask for a female right off the bat.
Love ya, Ann
P.S Thanks for the cute pictures of little Jon