Friday, November 27, 2009

some of my peeps

Lots of food and laughs. Lots of leftovers to enjoy today, tomorrow and the next day.

Some scenes from yesterday:
Kimmee Sue enjoying leftovers thanks to nephew Richard
Derek tripping on tryptophan
sibs - note remote control tightly clutched in Roger's hand
lil sis
lil bro - note remote control tightly clutched in hand
Em and Derek (now awake)
sweet smile
sis-i-l Cheryl
Richard and Ethan watching football
the whole batch of us

While the visitors sightsee today, I'm making a big pot of turkey soup. Kimmee Sue is hanging out here today while I contemplate pulling out Christmas decorations.

One activity not on the list? Shopping. Today I celebrate this.



swansmith said...

Happy buy nothing day! Thanks for the birthday wishes! I actually blogged yesterday--hope Mom and Dad can look at it. I'd like them to see my picture (I posted my profile pix from Facebook).

I'm wearing the earrings you gave me, too! I'm hoping to get lots of studying done today (working on my portfolio)--the house is mostly clean and quiet--a real rarity! :)

We had fun with Daniel--but he left last night, in spite of my protests. Looks like you had a wonderful time with Mom, Dad, Lori, Rog & all. Give them my love!

Wow, in only three weeks we leave for Tennessee! Two weeks from tomorrow Carla comes!

Love you,

Suzi aka the birthday girl

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures. I did not shop for Christmas stuff either today, but went to Rhinelander for music for a student and stopped at WalMart. The lady who checked me out had gotten up at 2:30 and was at work by 3:30 and was on her TENTH hour of checking people out by the time I got to her register. I asked her, "Were you actually busy at that time of the morning?" She said they had two hours straight of checking out without a break. Even at 2:00 in the afternoon, there was a lot of cart maneuvering necessary to get around. It's not my thing, and I was glad to get out of there without getting caught up in it all. I think it was on your "Coffee, Tea, and Me" site that Laura Ingalls is quoted saying what a thrill it was to have a penny for Christmas...a penny of her very own." I'm going to print that one off for perspective. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving. Abby beat us all at a long game of Phase 10. We decided we must have attention deficit disorder, because we are more like a Phase 5 family. Next time, we will play Phase 10 like Yatzee...whatever phase you can complete with the hand that you have, you can check it off. All phases must be completed to win. Take care, Linda

cheri said...

Can't wait to see you Suzi! Glad you had a fun day!

Phase 5, Linda - LOL love that! And what a great idea to print of that Laura Ingalls Wilder sentiment.

Have a great weekend!