Monday, November 23, 2009

that was fast

Just in case you are tired of cute grandboy stories (though I can't imagine why ), like the fact that Joshua counts by pointing at objects and saying, 'two, two, two' or that he reaches out to hold your hand when it is time to pray before a meal or that he turns the white noise machine in his room on before bed and naps and off after bed and naps all by himself....

36 years ago today on an unusually warm fall Chicagoland afternoon, Pat and I were married. At the time I would have thought that 36 years was a very, very long time. But I can now report that it goes by in the blink of an eye. Newlyweds to grandparents in nothing flat.

Once again I find myself filled with gratitude. As a young 19 year old bride I had no idea what the years would bring, but I knew that Pat and I would walk through them hand in hand with each other with our eyes fixed on the LORD.

What blessings He has brought our way! Trials too, yes, but God is always there and I know that Pat is steadfast and unwavering in his love. How many men would move halfway across the country to be near his in-laws should they need help as the years advance (though so far, I think Mom and Dad have been more helpful to us than we to them...)?

So, thanks honey for everything. Happy Anniversary with love. How 'bout 36 more?

part of our legacy :)


Becky said...

A very happy anniversary to you both! Congratulations!

BrasherGirl said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you! My husband and I are also celebrating our wedding anniversary today... 18 years!

bb said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Anonymous said...

I've been watching your day approach on the calendar. Happy anniversary; we are celebrating your day down at the Gulf where we arrived early, early this morning, for a few days of getaway before a family Thanksgiving in the South.

Many blessings,

Anonymous said...

You got married during hunting season? He must not have been a deer hunter....Happy Anniversary! Well, we got another van, not a Pat and Cheri van, but one from the parents of our mechanics (it's all about connections, you know) and with heated seats, a luxury we never knew was a necessity until now! If your kids are all coming up here for Thanksgiving again, you might want to mention to them that we have no snow! Abby and friend are coming home for one quick day for Thanksgiving....then she has to go back to work. We will cherish her for the 15 hours we have her. So glad you got to have no much time with Josh. Linda

Anonymous said...

whoops. I meant so much time, not no much time. Linda

Kristi said...

Such a nice post- to bad it was ruined by the weird picture at the end! :) Happy Anniversary!

momawake said...

November is a good month, don't you think? :) Happy Anniversary!

cheri said...

Thanks for all the love everybody! Brashergirl - happy anniversary to you and your DH.

Karen, have fun down there!

Linda, glad you have a 'new' van. Sounds wonderful. Hi to Abby and Ike and Denny!

Thanks, Kristi!

I agree momawake. :)

swansmith said...

Happy anniversary--though a little belatedly! Hope your day was fantastic!



Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

This is late, but ♥ Happy Anniversary ♥. And you are the blink of an eye.