Tuesday, November 17, 2009

worn out battery

one character

two characters

No, not me. Jon and Kristi's car had a worn out battery. So thankful it wasn't something more expensive or problematic.

Our wonderful hosts, Tim and Suzi, even dropped the car off at the repair shop. Great hospitality! Coupled with a fridge that is stocked and a full pantry and an adorable grandson....they might never get rid of me.

Josh and I had a rather quiet day here at the house (quiet being a very relative term). It was a beautiful day in the Twin Cities so we took a nice long walk and got to see lots of doggies and squirrels.

Some Josh trivia:
Josh's favorite word: 'More'.
Josh's favorite activity: Going up and down the stairs (crawls up, slides down).
Josh's second favorite activity: Getting to the fridge before Grandma can catch him and pushing the water dispensing lever.
Josh' second favorite word: 'No' - typically spoken as he dips his hand into the dog's water dish.

Josh is his father's son in that when you want him to hand you something he shouldn't have he will look at you in wide-eyed innocence and place his empty hand in yours, keeping what he knows you want him to give you. Tease.

He is his mother's son evidenced by the fact that he will pick up garbage and throw it away. He has unpacked and re-packed both his diaper bag and his suitcase. Neat and organized like mama.

His verbal vocabulary is limited, but his understanding is not. I can ask him to bring me - pants, shoes, shirt, book, etc. and he will bring me exactly what I ask for. He is curious and often asks, 'whaizzit?' He loves Tim and Suzi's dog because unlike his dog at home, Raven has a long bushy tail. When Josh stands behind Raven and is brushed by the tail he erupts in peals of laughter.

In short, he is a genius and a delight to be with!

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Nancy said...

It has tickled my heart to see your beautiful Josh and read all your tender and witty thoughts about your time together. Em and I laughed out loud when we got to the place where tired Grandma googled a kid's game! I can certainly see the striking family resemblance in that adorable little face!

It's hard to believe our own little ones have grown in the time we've known each other and turned us into Grannys! Love to you and all your kin.