Wednesday, December 30, 2009

all is calm, all is bright

picture by either my nephew Luke or brother-in-law Tim

The lights in the church were dim. A string quartet accompanied by piano and guitar softly played carols as we entered the sanctuary.

We filed into a row of chairs and though we didn't plan it, I smiled as I noted that we were sitting together in chronological order.

We stood to sing and my heart was full as I heard the wonderful voices of my husband and sons singing 'Gloria, in excelsis Deo'.

Candles were lit and I looked at the faces of each of these handsome dear ones.

During communion, always a time of reflection, my thoughts were again those of gratitude.

As if it weren't enough that God sent His Son...

As if it weren't enough that Christ died for our sins...

As if it weren't enough that He defeated death and rose again....

He has given me this wonderful, wonderful family.

It is enough.

And so much more than I could have asked for or imagined.

Heavenly Peace.

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