Monday, December 07, 2009


the snow is gone now but we enjoyed how it covered our little 'forest'

The trees (only 2 and they are little) are up and decorated, some baking was started for the arrival of family in a few weeks, ornaments were made for the exchange at Bible study. I still need to decorate the mantel and put away the boxes. Busy, productive weekend.

I spent some time Saturday night looking through our check register, in preparation for end of the year giving. Over and over I could see God's hand of provision. We never had too much, but we always had enough. And that with a wedding, college tuition, multiple plane rides and doctor bills.

"We can nowhere evade the presence of God. The world is crowded with Him."
C.S. Lewis

So true. Even our checkbook was crowded with God' s abundant provision.

Three little, older ladies in front of us in church yesterday were praising the LORD with all their hearts. So inspiring. The pastor's message helped us envision the glorious event of angels bursting through the curtains of heaven to make a fantastic birth announcement.

May you continually bump into God's Presence today.

On another note (pun intended), I think this would be my dream job.


Becky said...

That's a fun one for sure! I'm going to steal it for tomorrow and give you the credit. For the link, not the playing ;)

Your snow looks so pretty. I am told they do not get much in Durham, NC. But I can hope for a little each year.

Anonymous said...

Hey,start saving up to buy one of those pianos for our nursing home debut. Regarding snow, my mom called from the valley in California and THEY got snow this morning. First time in 30 years for our part of the valley. I have been in the habit of waking them early every year ( as their time is 2 hours earlier than ours) and letting them know when we get our first snow. They are usually still in shorts..... She said everyone is so happy and smiley and excited about it. Hope you are doing well. Linda

Anonymous said...

I think you spend way too much time on the computer. Where did you come up with that website?
Love ya
P.S. You may need a dog :)

momawake said...

Great dream job!

cheri said...

You can come over here and play in the snow anytime Becky. And bring my cousins with you!

Wouldn't that be fun, Linda! You and me dancing piano feet!

Saw it on TV first Ann and had to find it on youtube.

I agree momawake. Make music and get a work out!