Wednesday, December 02, 2009

gate crashers

that's North Carolina over there

Yesterday was the last day of our Bible study 'One in a Million' by Priscilla Shirer. Customarily we go out to lunch after the last session. Unfortunately our favorite little coffee/quiche spot closed its doors recently. So one of the gals invited us to her home.

She did not give us directions to her house, she simply said , "Let's meet up at Rose's Well Drilling and we will go from there." She lives in our town's one and only gated community. The plan was we would all follow her through the gate. I choose to ride with 2 gals who had lived here all their lives along with another who had lived here for 40 years. They were all confident they knew the way.


When we got to Rose's Well Drilling (not Bob's as one of the gals insisted), no one was there. We did not have any cell phone numbers of anyone in the other cars, which was not a big deal as there was no reception anyway.

After several wrong turns, we finally arrived at the gate.

"Who goes there?" said the gatekeeper.

Okay, he didn't really say that, but he wanted to know where we were going and why. "We are part of a Bible study group and we are going to ____for a luncheon. " explained our spokeswoman.

"Well, you look harmless enough," he replied and let us through. Yes, he really did say that. With a smile.

We drove up and up and up the mountain. M.'s house was the second from the top. It was gorgeous.

We had a good laugh about our tardiness and thoroughly enjoyed our time. I got a real taste of southern hospitality. The best cornbread I've ever had. Great laughs, very nice ladies.

A view from M's. deck all the way to North Carolina. And some great memories.


Anonymous said...

Such beautiful scenery! So glad you are making good friends there....but I think you could make friends anywhere! Linda

cheri said...

My mom always taught me 'to make a friend, you have to be a a friend'. I've tried to always live by these words and have some wonderful friends to show for it.

Including you, Linda!