Tuesday, December 29, 2009


last year's Christmas picture...
still waiting for someone to post this year's pictures on facebook so I can 'borrow' them

Dad turned 80 on December 20th. After an especially rough summer with dual hospitalizations, surgery and infection, (not to mention his diabetes and pace maker), we are especially grateful that he has reached this milestone.

As many of us gathered together as could. Pat and I are already in place. Lori and Richard drove down from Illinois. Tim, Suzi, Luke, Mark and Christina from Minne'snow'ta, Roger, Derek, Ethan and Emilee from near Nashville. And one of Tim and Suzi's former foreign exchange students, Carla the cutie, came all the way from Bolivia!

I baked several dozen muffins contacted Mom and Dad's Sunday School teacher to let them know about the special day. They presented Dad with a beautiful leather cross. His children and 7/10ths of his grandchildren were present through Sunday School and church. Mom and Dad had big smiles on their faces all morning.

The rest of the day was spent at the folks' house. We ate; we laughed. Some snuck in a nap. We ate some more.

I think I can speak for Dad when I say that he had a wonderful birthday. Surrounded by noisy children and grandchildren. And his beloved wife of 56 years. Oh yeah, and Kimmee Sue the wonder dog.

Dad has given us quite a legacy. At 80 he still walks three miles nearly every day at a very brisk clip. Throughout his working career, he was always up for adventure - willing to move and go and try new things. Then once the nest was empty he and mom signed up to work abroad...Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Romania, Brazil, Jamaica.

Upon retirement they didn't stop traveling but went on several mission trips. Each summer they took, first a fifth wheeler, then a diesel semi thingy (can't remember what you call their second 'camper') then a motor home across this great land of ours several times.

AND...yesterday Dad signed up for facebook!

Mom and Dad are pretty remarkable people. I wish you could know them. They have left us quite a legacy of love for the LORD, service and adventure.

We, in turn, try to follow Exodus 20:12:

"Honor your father and your mother,
so that you may live long in the land the LORD you GOD is giving you."
And if you think we had a tough time traveling to and fro over Christmas you should read my sister's adventure!


swansmith said...

We do indeed have a wonderful dad--and mom! I'm blessed by all members of our family, including the author of this blog! :)

Happy new year, Cheri!


rwells said...

Well said Cheri and Suzi! We have awesome parents and are truly blessed!

Anonymous said...

I sure hope my pal George had a wonderful birthday !! He's one of a kind !!