Monday, December 14, 2009

planning ahead

I love to plan. Planning trips, Christmas programs, Camp Nesbit, - you name it - I'm a planner. That is one thing I loved about teaching (besides the kids, of course). Back a few lifetimes ago when I was a public school teacher, we were required to have our lesson plans for the following week turned in on Friday afternoon.

So, Friday after the kids left, I would spread out the math, reading, science, social studies, etc. curricula before me and begin filling in the impossibly small boxes allotted for each hour of each day for the next week.

Sometimes we actually accomplished what I had planned - sometimes not.

Fast forward to today and nothing has really changed. Sometimes I accomplish what I planned and sometimes I don't. But that never stops me from planning.

I have been busy baking and putting things in the freezer in anticipation of the arrival of siblings and nieces and nephews this weekend. This plan has had mixed results. I am quite sure I baked one batch of cookies, two loaves of cranberry bread, and a pan of brownies. The cookies seem to have disappeared as has one loaf of bread. Hmmm....Maybe I should put 'self-control' on my list. :)

I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of all our company and the opportunity shortly thereafter to be company ourselves. We are headed to Nathan and Michelle's for Christmas where we will be joined by Daniel, Jon, Kristi and Josh. Oodles of plans in anticipation of both events.

All the plans that I have made, however, pale in comparison to The Plan.

" In the fullness of time, God sent His Son...."
Galatians 4:4

That marvelous plan changed my life. Yours?


Becky said...

I did not know you were headed up for Christmas. Two celebrations!

You know the best part? This time ... Josh will remember exactly who you are and how much fun he has with you because it has not been that long ago, and he is at that age :) Oh, to be a guest at that fun party.


Meanwhile, while you are stuffing your freezer, we are eating it into emptiness, pulling cans off the pantry, and cleaning out all the excess so we don't have to move it.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that cookie disappearing issues are universal. Hoping to see Abby a bit during the holiday, but not sure yet as her car is in the shop. Some of my family is visiting in June and I told them I would make a Thanksgiving meal for them to have the fun of having relatives around for a holiday. Some of Denny's family is trying to move here this summer, so we will possibly start having relatives around every holiday. So enjoy your clan and your traveling! Linda

Candy said...

It stinks for Pat that all three boys are out of the house. Who does he blame the disappearing cookies on? KimmeeSue?!!

momawake said...

Sounds like you have some wonderful plans. :)

Anonymous said...


You don't think Saint Cheri has been munching on a cookie or two or three? I know my big sister, and she has a sweet tooth, to go along with her sweet personality!


cheri said...

It seems like just yesterday Becky that we were eating up all our stores into 'emptiness'. Of course, you have more help than we did!

We donated the last of it to the food pantry.

Thanksgiving in June! Great idea Linda - hope you get to have family around soon.

Candy, as my lil sis points out, I can't let Pat take the fall for this one alone. I have had a cookie or two or three.

Yep, momawake. It is beginning to get exciting around here!

Aww, Lori, you rat me out and compliment me at the same time!