Monday, December 28, 2009

snowy, with 100% chance of cancellation

My cell phone rang as we stood in line at the ticket counter last Tuesday at McGhee Tyson airport.

"We're sorry." said the automated call.
"Your flight has been cancelled."

Which was just what we had been told as we stood in line to check our baggage. But American Airlines customer service was wonderful and they booked us on a United flight to Chicago. Which was promptly delayed. Yes, an oxymoron.

Similarly, on our return trip to Tennessee, though we faithfully checked websites and Michelle even called the airline to make sure our flight was not cancelled (the weather outside was frightful), the flight was cancelled.

"We're sorry." said the automated call.
"Your flight has been cancelled."

We were halfway to the airport when we received this call. As Nate drove us through slushy, snowy bad conditions, I made calls from the back seat to rebook our flight. Success! Then a few minutes later American called and told us they had us booked on a flight for Sunday morning. So, we had two possible flights out.

We told Nate to keep heading toward the airport, though we would have to wait for hours for the next flight. We lunched at O'Hare and watched the departure board as flight after flight was cancelled.

In the meantime, I read one of my (requested) Christmas presents John Piper's "Don't Waste Your Life." I did not miss the irony of reading this book as I waited. And waited. I love God's sense of humor.

We finally boarded our plane only to be informed that the pilot had not yet arrived so there would be a brief wait. After 30 minutes, the deplaned us since they had to scrounge up another pilot (comforting). After another 30 minutes we were back on the plane with the scrounged up pilot (he happened to be quite capable). Arrived at home quite late Saturday night.

I have flown quite a bit this year. Not one cancellation.

For the first time in our 36 year marriage, Pat and I flew together. Cancellations and delays. Hmm....

We are grateful to be home, but even more grateful for a wonderful time with our family.

More to come.....


swansmith said...

Sorry for your troubles in travel! If we combined our travel experiences, we could have a new movie: "Planes, delays and broken down vans."

I plan to blog about our experiences if you want to check it out.

Love you!


Anonymous said...

We thought of you through the holidays and had wondered how the travel went. Probably felt good to get your feet back on the ground. That is so funny that you got that book at such an apppropriate time. We had a quiet Christmas with much puzzle making and game playing and snow shoveling. We are off to Ruth's funeral today. Sounds like you will have to think twice about traveling with that husband of yours in the future! Linda

momawake said...

Glad you made it home safely. I bought that book for Amy for Christmas. She said she liked it. I'll have to read it when she's finished.

cheri said...

I think we had it a LOT easier than you did Suzi!

Thanks for your thoughts, Linda! We were able to remain cool, calm and collected. At least we collected some fun stories. Thinking of Jim as he says good by to sad...

I haven't finished the book yet, but so far it is a good, challenging read, momawake. And I'm impressed that Amy read it!