Thursday, December 03, 2009

works in progress

I'm working on some handmade ornaments for an exchange at Bible study next week. As I cut and snip and stitch and do-over, I think of what a work in progress I am.

I am not singing in the cantata this year. Our small group is singing one song on December 27. We rehearsed last night, and as the gals were talking about the beauty and difficulty of the cantata, I was tempted to wallow in a little bit of self-pity. One of my favorite 'jobs' ever, was directing the choir. Second, would be singing in the choir.

And that is simply not possible now for a variety of reasons.

So, I made a conscious choice to thank God for all those wonderful times of choir, as well as ask Him to show me how I might best serve Him now.

However, were you to drive by my house and should you happen to peek in the window, you might see me waving my arms, directing an imaginary choir.

I am still a work in progress.


Becky said...

You are stitchin' one of my favorite bible verse in parts. And it is also one of the songs I find myself constantly humming and singing under my breathe through the Christmas season.

The first time I ever heard The Messiah sung I was overwhelmed. Now I play it on my iPod through the season and get lost in its words and meaning. Lovely!

Anonymous said...

Show us a finished ornament when you are done. When we all make it to the nursing home, we'll make sure (along with plucking chin hairs for each other) that you will be allowed to direct the choir (real, or imaginary)! Love you, Linda

cheri said...

It is an inspired piece, Becky!

Thank you Linda! You make me laugh. You'll play piano at the nursing home, right?