Thursday, December 31, 2009

year's end

another photo borrowed from either Tim or Luke

There. Just finished reading the last pages of Revelation. Thankful for another year spent in the Word. Thankful for the ability and the freedom to pull out one of my many Bibles and sit on my extremely comfortable couch and read.

When we were at Nate and Michelle's I was generally the first one up, closely followed by Joshua. One morning in particular, Kristi, Josh and I sat at the breakfast table together.

I was sipping on my tea and Kristi had prepared oatmeal for the two of them. Joshua looked at her expectantly, than held out his hands - one to me, the other to her.

For you see, this faithful family prays before they eat. And they hold hands as they join together in to thank God for their food. A habit already established in this little 20 month old boy.

Grandma closed her eyes and prayed too - thankful for so much more than just the food before us.


Anonymous said...


Love, love this post.

cheri said...

Thanks, Dee!