Wednesday, January 13, 2010

breaking out in song

Monday night sunset

One of my sisters has a (well-deserved) reputation breaks out into song at the drop of a hat.

All you have to do is mention the word, for example, 'hill' and she delivers a full-voiced-Julie-Andrews-style rendition of the 'The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music'. And it will most likely be the whole song - not just the first line or two.

It is what we love about her.

I read an article in Sunday's paper about a waitress who does the same thing.

"A jovial waitress was serving another customer, a darkly handsome businessman in a turtleneck and dress pants. She asked his hometown. When he answered Newark, NJ, she didn't miss a beat.

'Start spreading the news, I'm leaving today,'

she sang a capella, in a remarkably good voice full of gusto and gladness."

article from Knoxville's News Sentinel by Rhetta Grimsley Johnson
(full article here)

That is so 'Suzi'.

Makes you smile (and maybe duck your head in embarrassment if other folks are around).

My wish for you today is that you have a wonderful day. A day that makes you want to break out in song.

And that, instead of fighting that temptation, you will give in and go for it.

Go ahead - sing with a voice full of gusto and gladness!


Becky said...

My mom does the same thing. She'll even make one up if she can't find one in her memory. Bless her heart ... she has NO voice. But her heart is full.

swansmith said...

I have a full heart, too. <3
Suzi aka song-breaker-outer

cheri said...

We'll have to get your mom and Suzi together Becky.

I know you do Suzi. Me too also. :)