Tuesday, January 26, 2010


gray, blustery day yesterday

While the weather was uninviting yesterday, it was warm and cozy in the house. I finished knitting a scarf and set about planning my grocery list.

Our local grocery store has triple coupons this week (coupons $.50 and under), so I tried to match coupons I had to the stuff on sale in the store flyer to get the best possible deal. 90% of the time the things I have coupons for are things we would not normally use - unless we can get them for next to nothing. This forum has a lot of information on how to get the best deals when shopping. Some ideas I use, some I don't.

I received a consumer survey in the mail yesterday. I do not shop like your normal average American. Whoever that is.

In general I don't buy:
  • storage bags (we were given several boxes of these last year - I wash and reuse (non-meat containing bags) or store food in corning ware or a bowl with an inverted plate or vice versa)
  • bottled water ( I have a steel travel mug that I take with me with my beverage of choice)
  • cookies (homemade are so much better)
  • frozen meals (except for the occasional pizza -I prefer homemade)
  • salad dressings (make my own)
  • breakfast waffles or poptarts (homemade pancakes instead)
  • oatmeal in little packets - it takes such a little time to make the real thing)
  • air freshners (a bowl of vinegar set out on the counter will take the odor out of the air most times)
  • cleaning products (again we were given a lot of this last year, but if we run out I will use vinegar and baking soda for most cleaning
  • laundry detergent (make my own)
  • shampoo (use Cheri's handmade soaps - though I have experimented with baking soda and acv for shampoo and rinse with okay results - still prefer Cheri's soaps)
  • pet products :(
  • cold remedies ( I use my honey and vinegar tea)
  • tobacco products
  • canned soups ( I made an exception to this recently when I came across a sale and had coupons to bring the price down further - but normally I make homemade soup)
  • bread - for a long time I made all our bread but have recently started buying it again. Need to get back to baking.
  • paper towels - Maybe I buy a roll or so a year. Otherwise I use rags or old newspaper to clean up stuff
  • deodorant (tmi? - instead I use a mixture of baking soda and cornstarch, however, when I fly I buy a travel size container of deodorant so as not to arouse any suspicions carrying a bag of white powder)

I had to laugh a while back when I read the blog of another 'cook from scratch' type of gal. Her sister was visiting and rummaging through the cupboards for something to eat. "There's nothing to eat," she exclaimed. "Only ingredients!"


Since I do not work outside the home, my 'job' as I see it, is to manage our budget as best I can.
Pat works hard and I don't want to squander or waste his earnings.

But most importantly we are stewards of that with which God has given us.

He has blessed us with so much. And most of the blessing have nothing to do with money.
We do not feel deprived at all!
I'd love to hear some of your shopping tips!


Becky said...

Very much the same as you. I am a scratch cook and do not waste paper products. We buy paper towels, but we put them in inconvenience places so we have to think twice. And the rags are ready at hand under the kitchen sink.

My only exception is the occasional frozen meal or canned soup for the Butler to take to work, where he has a microwave but no other conveniences, not even a table to eat at or a coffee pot.

We use very few couopons for the same reason. We don't buy processed foods very often at all.

Lady Farmer said...

So glad to find that your post title "consumption" has nothing to do with the disease!
I love your 'don't buy' list! Very much like mine with a few exceptions. I do purchase some plastic baggies and wrap for hubbies lunches. He will be retiring in the not too distant future, so I shouldn't have to do that anymore. I can/freeze lots of our own fruits and veggies and hubby hunts so I rarely buy meat. I make my own laundry det. also and use vinegar for cleaning, too.
Cold meds. give me heart palpatations so I don't use them, either. I do purchase a lot of pet food, though, and I am happy to have the companionship with two cats, and purchase organic feed for my chickens. (Our dogs, horses and cattle are gone now, but will be getting some again one day. But they don't have coupons for farm animal feed, anyway!)
I love to make my own soap or get some from my daughter who makes it also. I am looking for a good homemade deoderant recipe (with shea butter). Don't like the store bought for health reasons or effectiveness ~ tmi?
I try to purchase the best ingredients I can afford ~ organic if possible. I would rather purchase healthy food than pay for expensive health care!
And I totally agree with your job discription and about stewardship!
Great post!

Anonymous said...

You can get updates on Ric at www.caringbridge.org/visit/ricbloom. You will need to put in an email, and then do it again, as the first time it will not recognize you. If this comes under the category of frugal...my toy choi (pak choi) plants are 4 inches high....should be ready to sample in about 3 weeks. No bugs have found my grow light yet. Lookin' good. Linda

Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

Well, I 'm not proud At All of what we do buy....my "excuse" is I'm just so tired when I get home that I don't have the energy. As retirement looms nearer, things will change.

Okay---here's my dumb question. I cringe -- and have for a loooooooong time---- at how much we spend on paper towels. My question is....just where and how do you accumulate that many rags??? I know you're shaking your head or rolling on the floor laughing, but honestly, I can't keep rags!! And it's Awful what we spend on paper towels.....help!!! I just feel like it's money throwed away when I buy paper towels. (I can't believe I've written this question where the "whole world" can see it!)

momawake said...

How about posting your laundry detergent recipe?