Friday, January 15, 2010

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We had the privilege of meeting Henoc many years ago. Several of our friends are closely aligned with this ministry and the College Susan Schuenke was founded in memory of our friend Sue.

Though not at the epicenter of the quake, they will definitely be impacted by it and also in a position to minister to those leaving Port au Prince.

Death toll estimates are currently 45-50,000. Death toll estimates for Katrina were much higher than the ultimate number.

I pray the same will be true in this case.

Edited to add: The son of one of the gals in my Bible study group works at Samaritan's Purse. She told me that Samaritan's Purse was on the ground in Port au Prince in less than two hours after the quake. They also had a similar rapid response after Katrina.


Anonymous said...

I inclination not agree on it. I over warm-hearted post. Expressly the designation attracted me to study the unscathed story.

Anonymous said...

Cheri, Your link is broken. The address for Henoc's ministry is
Thanks for including us in your blog comments. Henoc and his brother Caleb were in Port au Prince yesterday. I will be posting a report on that later today. Keep praying for endurance and wisdom for all.

Karen P.

cheri said...

Link is fixed. Thanks, Karen!