Monday, January 11, 2010

looking ahead

stood in my stocking feet on our back step in 12* weather to capture the sunrise

When I stepped out to snap the above photo, I startled a flock of mourning doves which apparently sleep in and amongst the bushes that are on the south side of the house. I'm glad they feel at home here and have a warm place to rest.

A friend has been after me to exercise with her and there have been a number of things over the past several months that have prevented me from doing so. Well, no more. This morning Mom and I (yeah, Mom!) are going to join Rosellen and a bunch of other ladies and work out. Should be fun. Once it is over anyway. ~Smile~

Starting Sunday, I'll be leading the children's choir. Hooray! I've got my songs picked out and have been practicing them diligently the past few days. I'll be reviewing my choir notebook from college and writing up some song sheets. This will be fun! Cute kids with cute southern accents....

Have a great Monday everyone!

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Becky said...

Lovely things to look forward to. And a beautiful sunrise. It was 17 degrees here this morning. Outside. It's 59 inside :)