Tuesday, January 05, 2010

making music

Recently, a friend from church 'facebooked' (a new verb?) me and asked if I would direct the children's choir for at least the next three months.

I tried to contain my excitement because YES I would LOVE to direct the children's choir, but had to dot some i's and cross some t's before I could commit.

Well, the i's and t's have been dotted and crossed respectively. I am meeting with the children's ministries director today. We will see where this goes.

Since I am not a member of this church, I hope they take the time to properly vet me. Fingerprints, background check etc. I say that because I would want that done for anyone who would work with this cute boy:

la la la la
I sat down at the piano yesterday and in less than an hour, I had developed a children's program. Songs, Scriptures, lines, props, graphics... Much of what is needed for a 45 minute program just came to me. Not that I am so clever or creative. I'm not.

I genuinely felt God's creative spark ignite. It was a blast and even if I'm not the one to lead the kid's choir, I sure had fun planning a program!


Becky said...

You will be right in your sweet spot my friend. Music and kids!!

I know what you mean about God giving the inspiration. One of my favorite saying is, "I'm just not that smart!"

Anonymous said...

Hope the choir thing is fun. On a different note, guess what! A checker at the store asked me today if I was a SENIOR. Hmmm, how bad do I want that discount? Have to decide if I should be using better wrinkle cream. Linda

Anonymous said...

Hmmm -- looks like those days aren't over, after all. :-)
Sending my prayers for your gifts to be used in God's time and way.
(At my church, Everyone gets a background check before they work w/ children, member or not.)

cheri said...

Right, Becky!

Linda, that checker was probably some 20something that thinks everyone over 35 is old. You still look great and NOT AT ALL SENIOLY.

Thanks kjh!!