Wednesday, January 06, 2010

quiet pursuits

Since, according to the weatherman, 2/3 of the nation is locked in a deep freeze, I thought I would post a picture of a flower to remind us that spring will come.

How do you pass the cold, frosty days?

When we were at Nate and Michelle's for Christmas we didn't go outside at all - except for a trip to get some groceries. It was easy to stay indoors for several days because of who we were with.

Now, when it is too cold to garden and the kids are too far away, here are a few things I like to do:

Bible study
Read a good book
Play the piano (and maybe sing)
Phone a friend
Peruse the garden catalogs that are stacking up on the ottoman
Surf the web

To repeat the question:
How do you pass the time on these cold frosty days?

(Still haven't met with the director of children's ministries...hope to hear from her today!)


thatmom said...

I love January and being inside. It takes a lot for me to get cabin fever since I love being at home so much.

I have several books on my list to read, a big writing project in the works, and am getting geared up to sew four granddaughter dresses and a dress for me for Ben's wedding in June. Also want to organize family pictures and make some sort of fabulous wall display down our front stairway. I am is only the 6th!

Anonymous said...

I started Tom Thumb Lettuce (little tiny personal size 6" heads ready in 55 days) and "Toy Choy" Baby Pak Choi (ready in 35 days) and a Tumbler Hybrid Tomato (ready in 75 days) to see if any of it will work under my grow lights for winter food. (By the way, the checkout lady in the store was Dorothy who has been there for decades, but I came on Senior Discount Tuesday! So we'll just pretend that's the reason she asked.) That flower isn't in YOUR yard, is it? I am cabin feverish, but have all of the end of the year tax things to do, and exercise to tv when I am antsy. Do they have exercise classes there? Been thinking about the YMCA here to get out of the house and see adults after homeschooling and teaching piano. Hope you are doing well. Linda

Anonymous said...

Skiing; playing in the snow with a cute dog; working out; and looking for my reading glasses (always!)

momawake said...

School takes up a chunk of my time right now. But I'd include sewing, quilt piecing, internet, puzzles, reading. Does laundry and cooking count? ;-) This is actually my favorite time of year. I love the snow and watching the birds in the snow. It makes what would be dreary, cloudy Ohio days beautiful. These winter months also provide a slower pace for us since there's no yard work needing to be done. I'm enjoying it.

cheri said...

Wow, Karen! Sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy!

Linda, those lettuces sound wonderful. I remember Dorothy. She is a character.

Anon. I miss skiing. The boys and I would often head out to the Anvil Lake trails for an afternoon of 'physical education' with other homeschoolers (when there was snow that is...:)).

Sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy too momawake. Peaceful, productive winter days....