Wednesday, January 27, 2010

responding to comments

I thought I would take a few minutes this morning and respond to yesterday's comments and questions.

I always appreciate it when y'all take time to comment. It helps me know I'm not just talking to myself here! I've reposted the comments and added my responses in italics.

Becky said:

Very much the same as you. I am a scratch cook and do not waste paper products. We buy paper towels, but we put them in inconvenient places so we have to think twice. And the rags are ready at hand under the kitchen sink.

My only exception is the occasional frozen meal or canned soup for the Butler to take to work, where he has a microwave but no other conveniences, not even a table to eat at or a coffee pot.

We use very few coupons for the same reason. We don't buy processed foods very often at all.

I had a feeling you would pretty like-minded here, Becky!

Blogger Lady Farmer said...

So glad to find that your post title "consumption" has nothing to do with the disease!
I love your 'don't buy' list! Very much like mine with a few exceptions.

I do purchase some plastic baggies and wrap for hubbies lunches.

I have a lot of plastic bags, Lady Farmer, but try to really limit my use of them. I do use those waxtex bags for packing sandwiches (think school lunch in the 60's and yes they still make them!). I think they are slightly more environmentally friendly than plastic. I also use reusable containers when possible when I'm taking my lunch on the road. Again - not perfect in this area, just trying hard.

He will be retiring in the not too distant future, so I shouldn't have to do that anymore. I can/freeze lots of our own fruits and veggies and hubby hunts so I rarely buy meat.

There's nothing like home-grown, home-canned produce. Good for you!

I make my own laundry det. also and use vinegar for cleaning, too.
Cold meds. give me heart palpatations so I don't use them, either. I do purchase a lot of pet food, though, and I am happy to have the companionship with two cats, and purchase organic feed for my chickens. (Our dogs, horses and cattle are gone now, but will be getting some again one day. But they don't have coupons for farm animal feed, anyway!)

I would gladly buy dog food - just wish we had a doggie - maybe someday!

I love to make my own soap or get some from my daughter who makes it also. I am looking for a good homemade deodorant recipe (with shea butter). Don't like the store bought for health reasons or effectiveness ~ tmi?

tmi? I don't think so...tmi would be if I shared here that I mend my undergarments. Ooops!

I try to purchase the best ingredients I can afford ~ organic if possible. I would rather purchase healthy food than pay for expensive health care!


And I totally agree with your job description and about stewardship!
Great post!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can get updates on Ric at You will need to put in an email, and then do it again, as the first time it will not recognize you. If this comes under the category of toy choi (pak choi) plants are 4 inches high....should be ready to sample in about 3 weeks. No bugs have found my grow light yet. Lookin' good. Linda

Where did you get those seeds Linda? Sounds wonderful and thanks for the info on Ric.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

Well, I 'm not proud At All of what we do "excuse" is I'm just so tired when I get home that I don't have the energy. As retirement looms nearer, things will change.

Don't feel bad Dee. Because I don't work outside the home, I consider the money-saving things I do to be my job.

Okay---here's my dumb question. I cringe -- and have for a loooooooong time---- at how much we spend on paper towels. My question is....just where and how do you accumulate that many rags??? I know you're shaking your head or rolling on the floor laughing, but honestly, I can't keep rags!! And it's Awful what we spend on paper!!! I just feel like it's money thrown away when I buy paper towels. (I can't believe I've written this question where the "whole world" can see it!)

First of all Dee - the "whole world" that sees your comment consists of my dh, folks, sibs and kids and a few Northwoods friends. All of them very loving. :)

My rag bag consists of our old clothing that is beyond mending. Old socks that I cut open, tee shirts cut down to size, washcloths and dishcloths that are a little threadbare for everyday use, old sheets cut into squares, old flannel shirts with buttons removed for the button jar. I have box in the bottom of my linen closet that contains all these rags. As I use them for washing the floor or windows or counter tops, I just throw them in with the regular laundry. If I use them to clean up something oily, I throw them out.

You can buy old tee shirts at the thrift store for a little bit of nothing and cut those up to start your rag bag. Or I know that places like Malwart sell industrial cleaning 'rags'. You could probably buy those for the price of a few rolls of paper towels.

As long as I don't wash oily rags (including those which I have cleaned something with Murphy's oil soap - its smell transfers to the rest of the laundry) I have no trouble washing rags with regular clothes. After all, once upon a time they were regular clothes!

I even 'inherited' a box of rags from my mother-in-law. Every once in a while I will pull something out of that box that Pat remembers from his childhood!

Hope that helps! The main thing I use paper towels for now is draining bacon grease. And the only time we eat much bacon is when tomatoes are in season. BLT's!

Blogger momawake said...

How about posting your laundry detergent recipe?

Here it is:

Dry Powder Laundry Soap

1 box Arm and Hammer washing soda (in laundry soap aisle)

1/2 box 20 Mule Team borax (in laundry soap aisle)

1 1/2 bars finely grated Fels Naptha soap (or Kirk's Castille soap - found in the bar soap section of grocery stores)

I use 1 heaping Tbls. of this per load. We have a front loading machine, so if you have a top loader you may need a little more.

Some people make this into a liquid by adding water (of course!), but since that takes up a lot more storage room and reportedly looks like snot (sorry!) I stick with the dry.Delete
Thanks again everyone for commenting! I enjoy the give and take and hopefully we can help each other along the way.

I'm hoping to have a guest poster sometime today. Or tomorrow. We'll see!


Anonymous said...

I looked for a long time and finally found the wax paper sandwich bags. Took me right back to first grade.

Lady Farmer said...

Thanks, Cheri~
I think 'Cash and Carry' has the restaurant type waxed paper sandwich bags. A 'Trader Jo's'(organic grocer) just opened up in the next town and I think I will see if they have any unbleached waxed paper. I need a good excuse to drive there anyway!
Oh! I mend mine, too! ;~D

Becky said...

Great stuff. It is nice to know there are more of us out there than we know.

I think one of the most important things I have learned, and have tried to teach my boys, is that we don't have to do EVERYTHING. We just have to do what we can.

Anonymous said...

I just got the seeds at the end of the season in a local store, but you can get them at too. Also growing the baby heads of romaine that you can get in the catalog or online, but the pac choi looks to be doing the best so far. It's very cold here today. Trying to urge the wood stove to buck up and do its job to supplement the furnace. Hope you are having a great day. Linda

cheri said...


Lady Farmer, you made me giggle - undie menders unite!

Right Becky, what works for me may not work for everyone.

Keep warm Linda!

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Anonymous said...

Deen from Tennessee

Thanks for the tips! One thing I've been doing which I know is really BAD is that I've slipped into the habit of not using dish towels or dish cloths -- just been grabbing a paper towel. That has got to stop. I've just kinda been at the point of just trying to get it done. And we use ptowels for napkins. Again, thanks -- hopefully, I'll do better...cause it is just throwing money away.

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