Friday, January 01, 2010

ringin' in the new

A new day, a new month, a new year, a new decade.

So many possibilities!

My mind has been full of ideas of what I want to accomplish this year - what new challenges and tasks I want to take on.

Of course, all of my ideas need to be filtered through Scripture and prayer and what I sense God would have me do.

Two, well, three, exciting events are planned for 2010. Daniel graduates in May. Our second grandbaby arrives in June. And somebody might, maybe, perhaps be retiring later this year.

After reading through the Bible chronologically for the past three years, I have decided to return to the Discipleship Journal reading plan for a little variety.

I hope to continue to be involved in the two ladies' Bible studies I was involved in last year. And maybe skip down to Chattanooga a time or two to sit in on Kay Arthur's teaching.

Also, I was asked if I would lead the children's choir for the next three months. We are not members of the church, but if I get approval from the powers that be, I'm gonna go for it. Yay for working with kids again!

Last year I had purposed to read a book a week. Almost but not quite achieved that. According to my sidebar I read 47. And there are four books on my nightstand in varying degrees of finishedness. Close, but no cigar.

I have some other goals, but I'll share those tomorrow. In the meantime I will be reading John Piper's Don't Waste Your Life (I wish I had taken a picture of Jon and Daniel's faces when I opened that present - I'm sure they were thinking -'isn't it a little late for that?'). It is a good, thought-provoking, challenging book so far (up to page 89).

As I was running a few errands yesterday, Warren Wiersbe was on the radio (love that guy!). I had to write down what he said:

'Jesus Christ wants to put the touch of eternity on everything we do.'

What a marvelous thought. Not that we have to do great or important or successful things. Just things that have the 'touch of eternity' on them.

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