Friday, January 08, 2010

snowed in!

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enjoyed seeing all the different tracks in the snow this morning

Well, not exactly. We scarcely got an inch of snow, but schools across the region are closed. Cars are moving slowly, tentatively down the road that leads to our subdivision.

It would be unkind to scoff, we tough and hardy former northwoodsians, at our southern neighbors, though. For there is no way in the world that I would venture up and down steep, windy mountain roads (roads with no shoulders, mind you, right Suzi?) with a busload of schoolchildren.

The school kids are rejoicing, the teachers are happily staying home, the parents are scrambling to occupy the kids.

Me? While there is not enough snow to even do this, I am longingly looking out the window at the undulating acres of vacant lots around us and wishing I still had my cross country skis.


Becky said...

We were so hoping for snow here in central NC, but alas all we get is the bitter cold.

Ironically, the area we moved from in Florida is expecting snow tonight. Go figure!!

Anonymous said... Snow skis galore....just awaiting delivery to your house !!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it would be perfect hills for cross country skiing. Sounds like you don't get snow usually, though, so it's probably not a common sport there, is it? Enjoyed hearing L. share the non-sissy friendship poem at Bible study. We couldn't stop laughing!Enjoy the snow and go out and make a snowman! Linda

cheri said...

Sorry, Becky!

Anon. I'm afraid I would only be able to use the skis for about 1 day every ten years down here. Oh, well. I'll have to make a winter trip to the Northwoods one of these days and rent some skis!

I laughed out loud when I read that Linda. Glad L. brought it! (not even enough snow to make a decent snowman...)