Monday, January 25, 2010

we have our own

Saturday was a beautiful day. After all the drama of Friday, I think the sky was brighter, the sun warmer and the bird's song sweeter.

Pat spent the morning pruning bushes and part of the afternoon fishing. I was outside some too, cleaning up the pruned branches and walking back and forth to Mom and Dad's to make sure they were okay (they were).

Sunday was an ugly day, weather wise. Windy with driving rains. A good day for staying in (outside of going to church) and yelling at the television. My, what an exciting game last night.
Did you see it? Do you think Brett will retire now? He sure got beat up - betcha he feels it today.

I spent a lot of time reflecting on Dad's episode. We now know a few things to do differently including having on hand some glucose paste that we can squirt in his mouth when he is unconscious (thanks to the paramedics and momawake for this info).

We are so thankful for God's intervention and his timing on our behalf.

One of the paramedics that came remembered working on Dad at Malwart (I don't remember exactly when that was but Dad had felt weak while shopping, sat down on the bench and passed out). He also was the one who worked on me in June of 2008 when I had those esophageal spasms (which sure feel like what I imagine a heart attack to feel like!) His daughter goes to Mom and Dad's church and he invited Dad to 'friend' him on facebook.

So, I like to think that we have our own family 'personal paramedic'. He has come to our rescue three times in 18 months.

Hopefully we can leave it at that.


Becky said...

No one wants to have to use a paramedic but that is great that he remembered y'all. A good feeling that you are in the right hands when you need them.

That game was a white knuckled game for sure. I have to say I am not a Brett fan. He's a great guy but ... well ... it's over.

Should be a good superbowl. I don't even care who wins. I like both teams and just want a great game.

Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

Just now read this...Thankful, Thankful everything worked out.

cheri said...

Regarding Brett,'s over...or is it? :)

Thank you Dee! We are too!