Monday, February 08, 2010

pressing the mute button

With February well along its way, I realized I have several things I need to get done.

  • Queen size quilt to be quilted and bound
  • Baby quilt for granddaughter
  • presents for Joshua' birthday on April 29
  • Christmas stockings for Nate and Michelle (I do have a little time on this one)
  • And...don't hate is not too early to start direct sowing lettuce, peas and radishes
According to Cheri's perpetual gardening calendar, these things as well as kale, mustard and onions can be planted in February.

So, I'll be taking a bit of a blogging break to get on top of some of these projects. I'll pop in here now and again if there is anything newsworthy to report. Otherwise, Lord willing,
I'll be back March 1.

Hopefully with a few finished projects to display.

And a big shout of Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter-in-love, Michelle on Wednesday.
Have a wonderful day, Michelle!


Anonymous said...

Will have to try to get Ike to take a picture of my indoor pac choi and lettuce garden under the lights...the NORTHWOODS way of gardening in February. It is hard to imagine going outside and planting lettuce. Enjoy! But taking a break until March from blogging???That's too long. I love saying hello to you every day this way. But there are other ways to say hello so we'll work on those maybe. Linda

Lady Farmer said...

Yikes! I am feeling the presure now, too! I have soo many projects that need my attention and a garden to get started and, well... like you say, things need to get done! I am hoping I can get them done and still have time to blog and visit others. We'll see.
Looking forward to see all that you get accomplished!

Anonymous said...

This should be a picture of my pac choi, if we did it right. Linda

Becky said...

A well deserved and ... sounds like ... well needed break. Have fun. That baby quilt for the granddaughter sounds like the best fun of all. See you in March.

cheri said...

Hey Linda, I couldn't access that photo. I think a few of the letters were cut off at the end of the link. I'll be back sooner than March 1 if I get my projects done!

Thanks LadyFarmer. I'm hoping my break will motivate me to GET BUSY!

I'm having fun already Becky...but then I always do...

Anonymous said...

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Bev said...

Oh my am I jealous - you can plant in the ground now, in February? We'd have to get out the snow shovel and start digging just to hit dirt. Sounds like you have great projects lined up - hope you accomplish much!

Anonymous said...

should get you to my picture of pac choi babies. Let me know if this doesn't work either. Hope you are doing well on your projects! Linda